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2005 Results

Whitney Point Sportsmen's Association, Inc.
Annual New York State Crappie Derby
Jan 29, 2005

Total Attendance (registered) - 1650 (Approx - to be updated by 1/31/2005)
Total Purse - $12,000
Total Attendance - 4,800


Biggest Crappie  1st - Kelly Palmer
Central Square, NY
13 5/8"  
  2nd - Bob Arnold
Johnson City
, NY
13 3/8"  
  3rd - Bob Clark
Greene, NY
13 1/8"  
Biggest Fish by Weight Bob Arnold
Johnson City, NY
7.2 #
Biggest Perch Joe Canzanod
, NY
13 1/2 "  
Biggest Bullhead  Jerry Miller
, NY
14 1/4 "  
Biggest Walleye Bob Arnold
Johnson City
, NY
27 "  
Biggest Carp (Sucker) Cody Stockton
, NY
19 "  
Biggest Northern (Pickerel) None Taken    

28 "Special" Prizes awarded (Biggest Crappie each 15 minutes)
Avg Size 11 1/16

Bob Arnold, Johnson City, NY
Daren Marye, Owego, NY
Brandon Perl, N. Syracuse, NY
Bob Clark, Greene, NY
Bob Casse, Norwich, NY
Charles Hammitt, Bing., NY
Hubert Cunningham, Fulton, NY
Mark Hawksley, Fulton, NY
Lester Beechner, Syracuse, NY
Brian O'Connell, Greene, NY
Butch Race, McGraw, NY
Nate Leonard, Maryland, NY
Troy Scales, Johnson City, NY
Wayne Richerson, Endwell, NY

Travis VanBuren, Mt Upton, NY
John Hogle, Auburn, NY
Preston Marye, Whitney Point, NY
Eric Monsen, Marathon, NY
Skip Kolosky Jr, Maine, NY
Steve Goldenthomas, Bing., NY
Mike Scales, Johnson City, NY
Carl Zukus, Hallstead, PA
Cody Stockton, Harford, NY
Brian Green, Chenango Forks, NY
Ed Rickard, Norwich, NY
Kelly Palmer, Central Square, NY
Tim Dranschak, Syracuse, NY
Brian Patak, Willseyville, NY

In addition to the above, Door Prizes and "Kids" prizes were awarded

Geographic Data

Geographic Data for 2005
Yellow=over200, Red=20-200, Blue=LT 20




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