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Image Gallery

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These photos are mostly 800x600.

2015 Photos
The Biggest Crappie of the Day Winners Circle

1st  Place Crappie

2nd Place Crappie

3rd Place Crappie

Biggest Bullhead

Other Photos

Still Dark

Ready to go

Coming on the ice
Getting it ready

Free skating - Heat
providedby Bowman Stoves

A bit Breezy

Getting ready to start

Ice Central - Now
we're cooking

Registration & Juding

4H Ed Ctr @ Finch Hollow
Always a lot of traffic here

Fish Samples

Another View

Gander Mountain showing
their Stuff

The Staff from Gander

Look it over and see who's there
Next time shopping there, thank them for
their support .

Diver Down!
Very popular

Judges are Ready

Ya gotta have fresh

50/50 Raffle -
If you would have had the
right ticket .>>>>

And the lucky winner
is >>>

This is what you would have
taken home for a
Valentine's Present.

Busy Registering

And, the guy everyone remembers. . .

You're @ Ice Central - Look
around then turn 30 Deg

30 more >>>>>>>>>

30 More >>>>>>>>

30 More >>>>>>>>

30 More >>>>>>>>

30 More >>>>>>>>

There . . . You've seen it all
Except Ice Central

Pre-Registration at
Gander Mountain JC Store

Pre-Registration at the Pancake
Breakfast @ WP 1st Baptist Ch urch

Registration On-Ice
looking in

Registration On-Ice
looking out

Winners Circle
Some of the MANY Winners of the
2014 running of the Almost-Annual New York State Crappie Derby


View from the Overlook

Another View

Ice Road - No Truckers

Start Fishing

Skating Rink

B.C. Underwater Dive
& Rescue Team

Our Announcer calling
the meeting to order

The Coffee Shuttle

Action Center
The Judging Booth

Judging and
Registration Booth

Starting to gather
at Ice Central

Mid-day - Getting
crowded @ Ice Central

Ice Central

BC Parks keeping
an eye on things

This is where the real
Action is

Sorry, we don't do
Latte Macchiato Frap

Surprise meeting you

Prize Trailer almost
empty - Yea!

That's it so far eh?

I told you that this
would be a good spot

Lot of traffic @ Finch
Hollow Nature Center

A Wise Owl
(Maybe two)

Skunks & Owls & Anglers,
Oh My!

The Ross Park Zoo Bus

The Concession @
High Noon

About 3 Hours Later



Oldies but Goodies


1979 Derby

1982 Softball Tournament
"on the ice"

...and sometimes it's
just boring...

Frank Dolan's Column
1982 Binghamton Press

We had a good time!
baby.jpg (29168 bytes)
Another Little One

A 27 inch Walleye

Sometimes it's boring

Picture of happy kid at derby
Sent in by proud dad

Breakfast at the Masons

Me &  Owl -
Owl likes rabbits -
Me with Rabbit Hat -
Me Nervous

Football on the ice

A good cup of chili

A windy day, long ago

Sunrise over the Derby

Special Guest

Ron Keibel & group
from "yesteryear"

DEC Commissioner
Henry G Williams (Circa 1980s)
pays a visit.

This is before . . . It's a beautiful lake but it looks a lot different in the winter.

In the winter - At the Derby
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